Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, 13 January 2019 written update of full episode: Yami and Vicky have blast on the show, Anmol gets eliminated

Today’s R D Burman specialepisode of SAREGAMAPA 2018 starts with Aslam Abdul Majeed winning the Best performance of the week gift hamper as was shown at the end of the last episode. Today’s RD Burman special episode started with musicians playing music on Sacs phone and top 8 contestants performing on famous songs by R D Burman. All the judges enjoy their performances by giving them support of Choras. At the end of the performance, all of them come together and sing. Aditya Narayan comes on the stage and asks all to clap for the contestants. He announces that there are 18 music bands are present with the oldest musicians as it is R D Burman special episode. He thanks the viewers for voting for the contestants. Also says that those contestants who have got less votes will be eliminated. Deepali Borkar and Aditya do some comedy drama. She gives a paper flute to the judges to identify the song names of R D Burman. Aditya gives a clue for the first song, judge Richa identifies the correct song ‘Dhanno Ki Ankhon Me’. Sahil Solanki performs on the same song. Judges enjoy his performance as he sings flawless. Judge Richa dances on his song performance. He interacts with judges. All of the judges come on stage to accompany him on the stage. His performance makes all dance on the floor. He gets ‘chartbuster’ for his song. So judge Richa gives him a statue of Goddess Sarsawati. Shekhar and Wahid Khan also appreciate him for his performance. Shekhar also says few lines for R D Burman. Sahil Solanki requests the viewers for the votes.

Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautam arrive on the show for the promotion for their film ‘Oori’ which is based on surgical strike. They interact with the anchors Deepali Borkar. Next clue is given by Aditya. Again the song is identified by Richa Chadhha but before that Shekhar sings that song. The song is performed by Aslam Abdul Majeed which is ‘Yeh jo Mohabbat hai’. He gets 96.7% score. Wajid likes his performance. Shekhar also appreciates that Aslam performed well even though he doesn’t know Hindi language much. Guests Yami and Vicky also appreciate him. Yami interacts with Aslam in south Indian language. She asks him whether he will be her hero. She requests him to sing ‘Paani Daa’ song from her first film. She also dances few steps along with him. She also gives him a Red Rose. Later Aslam also requests the viewers for the votes. On third clue, Richa identifies the song ‘Chala Jata Hoon Kisi ki ‘ which is performed by Anmol Jaswal. He sings the song nicely with the perfect yodeling like Kishor Kumar. He gets 94.7% score. Richa Sharma praises his performance for singing the song so perfectly at such a young age. All the judges appreciate his yodeling. Vicky Kaushal also appreciates his performance. Later Anmol does vote appeal.

Sahil and Sonu come on the stage. Aditya requests Yami to dance with him. Yami announces a competition between Sonu, Sahil and Aditya and she will dance with the winner of that. Yami also asks Vicky to join them. Deepali and Yami explain them the rules of the competition. The name of the competition is ‘Pyaar Ke Liye Surgical Strike’. All the audience enjoys to see four of them trying hard to win. Vicky Kaushal wins the funny game. As a punishment, they all make Aditya go through all the stages of the game again in order to pull his leg. Later Yami dances with all of them on the song ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ from her movie ‘Kaabil’.

On the next clue by Aditya Narayan, Yami identifies the song and later all the judges start playing the paper flute but Yami identifies the song which is ‘Chura Liya Hai’. Ishita Vishwakarma performs on the song. She gets 97.3% score. Yami appreciates Ishita’s smile and her performance. Vicky also thanks her for performing with so much honesty. Judges also like her performance a lot. Wajid asks the musicians to play the music for the same song again. All the audience like it. He praises Ishita calling her ‘Chhoti Shreya’. Ishita requests Vicky Kaushal to sing something for her. He performs on ‘Mere Saamnewali Khidkime’. Later Ishita makes vote appeal.

On the next clue, Shekhar identifies the song ‘O meri Soni’. Sonu Gill performs the song. He scores 94.7%. Audiences clap for him. Yami also appreciates his performance and his emotions that revealed for his wife present in the audience. Judges also give nice comments on his performance. Sonu gives credit of him being in the show to his wife. He shares the story of his wife as she supported him even though she was not keeping well. Judges bless both of them. Sonu gives vote appeal.

Next clue is identified by Shekhar and Richa which is ‘Dilbar Dilse Pyare’. Aishwarya Pandit performs the song. She gets a standing ovation from all the judges. She also gets a chartbuster performer tag. Vicky compliments her for her look and her performance. Shekhar also loves her performance as there is improvement in her singing. Richa gifts her a statue of Goddess statue. Aditya pulls her leg by flirting with her. So her little brothers come on the stage to meet her and save her from Aditya. They all make fun as Aishwarya calls audiences saying that all the boys are her brothers. They all beat Aditya just for fun. Audiences enjoy the drama. Later Aishwarya makes vote appeal. On the next clue, Wajid identifies the song ‘Ek Mai Aur Tu’. So Ishita and Aslam sing that duet song. They get standing ovation from all including the judges, guests, audiences. Richa sings along with them as the audience demand an once more to their performance. They get 100% score which is the highest as it was a chartbuster performance. Judges give very nice comments for their performances. Shekhar calls Ishita as ‘Shreya Ghoshal’ of the stage. Aditya announces that Aslam and Ishita are safe for the week. He also informs them that both of them are in top 3 who have got highest votes for the week.

The next clue given by Aditya Narayan is identified by Vicky Kaushal which is ‘Dekha Na Hi Re’ from the movie ‘Bombay to Goa’. The song is performed by Sahil Solanki and Sonu Gill as a duet. They also get a standing ovation from all the judges. So Yami, Vicky dance along with the judges on the stage as they sing the song again. Audiences also enjoy it. They all appreciate the performance by Sahil and Sonu. Aditya announces that Sahil is safe and he has got the highest votes but Sonu Gill goes into the danger zone. Aditya questions Vicky and Yami about their experience while shooting for ‘Oori’.

The next clue given by Aditya is identified by Wajd and the song is ‘O haseena zoolfowali’. Tanmay and Jyoti perform the duet song. They get standing ovation from all. Shekhar appreciate them on the stage and they get the tag of ‘Chartbuster perfromer’. They get nice comments from the judges for their amazing performance. Aditya declares that Jyoti is unsafe and Tanmay is also the second highest person to get the votes.

The next song is identified by Wajid which is ‘Tum Bin Jau Kahan’ and the song is performed by Tanmay Chaturvedi. Yami calls him ‘Headphone Nawab of Lakhnow’. She appreciates his performance. Tanmay make vote appeal. Later Aditya, Yami and Vicky appeal the viewers to watch their movie ‘Oori’. Later they leave from the show.

The show continues with the song performance by Anmol and Aishwarya. They get 92.7% score. Richa appreciate the moves in Aishwarya’s singing but she feels that Anmol was not that much confident while singing the song. Wajid is also impressed with Aishwarya’s singing. Aditya declares that Aditya is safe for the week but Anmol is in bottom three.

Next performance is by Jyoti Sharma on the song ‘Duniya Me Logo Ko’ from the movie ‘Apna Desh’. Richa also join her in the song. She gets 84.7% score. Richa feels that there was lack of passion in the song by Jyoti. Later Jyoti makes vote appeal.

At the end of the show all the top 8 contestants perform on the song ‘Kal Aaj Kal’ together. Aishwarya and Sahil Solanki win the ‘Best Performance of the week’ gift hamper by Patanjali. Out of the three bottom contestants, Anmol gets eliminated but Jyoti and Sonu are safe. The show ends with the announcement of the elimination.



Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, 13 January 2019 written update of full episode: Yami and Vicky have blast on the show, Anmol gets eliminated Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, 13 January 2019 written update of full episode: Yami and Vicky have blast on the show, Anmol gets eliminated Reviewed by ghost on January 13, 2019 Rating: 5
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