Kundali Bhagya 12 January 2019 written update of full episode: Prithvi traps Rishabh

Today’s episode starts with Prithvi’s girlfriend fueling Monisha against Preeta. She also says that Karan and Rishabh roam around Preeta so she is confused or she is having both of them as her boyfriends just to have some spice in her life. She tries to make Monisha believe that Rishabh is the real killer of Ritwik and asks Monisha to see to it that Rishabh is given the hardest punishment. As per her intention, Monisha believes that Preeta is the culprit but Monisha threatens her not to spare her if whatever she said is not true. Later she leaves from there for the court.

In the next scene, inspector comes to take Rishabh to the court. Rishabh requests him to let him meet Billa once promising not to create any problem. So the inspector agrees for the same and allows him to meet Billa for 5 minutes. Rishabh goes with the constable to meet Billa.

In the Luthra house, the lawyer instructs the family members about what to say in the court hearing. He confirms that they all trust Rishabh that he is innocent. He assures all of them to take Rishabh home in just 1st hearing. As Rishabh goes to meet Billa, he meets Prithvi who is about to leave from there. Prithvi is shocked to see him there. Rishabh blames him for being the master mind and spoiling their life. He gives a tight slap to him. Prithvi tries to pretend that he is innocent. Rishabh questions Prithvi for hating their family. Prithvi is tensed as Rishabh caught him red handed. Rishabh also asks him for the reason to meet Billa in the cell. Prithvi fumbles as he cannot defend himself but later he manages by taking Preeta’s name who asked him to convince Billa to reveal that Rishabh is innocent. He pretends that he cares for Rishabh like Preeta. But Rishabh doesn’t believe his drama. Prithvi tries to make Rishabh remember whether he did anything wrong to anyone because of which that person which is him is taking revenge from him. Rishabh is wondering about what Prithvi is saying. The constable takes Rishabh from there as the time given to him is over. Prithvi is happy as he could achieve his revenge from Rishabh Luthra.

In the another scene, Monisha is thinking about what Prithvi’s girlfriend said to her about Preeta.She also remembers what Preeta said to her. She feels that Preeta manipulated her emotions and decides not to spare anyone from Luthra specially Rishabh Luthra. While the police takes Rishabh to the court, Rishabh keeps thinking about what Prithvi said about the person. He decides to deprive Preeta from marrying Rishabh if he is not a good person. All the Luthras arrive at the court. Krtitika also arrives there. Luthras are missing Rishabh a lot. Krtitika does drama of being late to the court to pray for Rishabh. Prithvi also arrives there who says ‘Hi’ to Kritika from his car. While all are discussing about the release of Rishabh, Monisha comes there. She assures them to break all the dreams Rishabh as because he killed her boyfriend Rishabh. Prithvi is happy that his enemy is humiliated by Monisha.

Kundali Bhagya 12 January 2019 written update of full episode: Prithvi traps Rishabh Kundali Bhagya 12 January 2019 written update of full episode: Prithvi traps Rishabh Reviewed by ghost on January 12, 2019 Rating: 5
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