Kumkum Bhagya 16 January 2019 written update of full episode: Love is in the air for Abhi and Pragya

Today’s episode starts with the function at King’s house. Indu forces Meetali to get the mehendi applied on her hand. By that time Neha comes downstairs. They all adore her as she looks pretty. Purab comes to Disha. He holds her hand and kisses her on her forehead. Disha is happy to see him being romantic. He challenges her to express her love in front of all. But Disha goes to see Pragya as she arrives there. Abhi is looking for Pragya. By that time Tanu slips on him but he leaves from there. Tanu is upset as he ignores her. She decides not to leave him at any cost. Purab welcomes Tarun and his family. Pragya also looks for Abhi. Abhi notices that she is looking for him. All ask Meetali to apply mehendi on Neha’s hand.

In the next scene, King is on the way. He is driving. He feels like uniting with Pragya as he cannot see Pragya with anyone else. He thinks of getting married to Pragya. He decides to express his feelings to her. Purab gets a call from the doctor as the address mentioned in their records is incorrect as she is supposed to send the reports. Purab corrects the address. Tanu listens to their conversation. She wonders about the reports. Purab decides to thank doctor Anjali for helping them. Disha gets jealous. Later they have some romantic moments. Tanu learns that they are about to take a big step but she doesn’t understand what it is. She recollects what Disha said to her about reuniting Pragya and Abhi. She decides to take someone’s help for the same.

Indu asks Meetali and Tarun’s mother to dance as it is a auspicious occasion. All start enjoying dancing together. But Pragya still keeps looking for Abhi. Abhi covers himself with a dupatta and sits beside Pragya. She feels it awkward as she is not aware that it is Abhi. She enquires the lady (Abhi) about which side she is from. Abhi tries to come close to her. Disha notices that it is Abhi so she asks Pragya about it. Pragya says that she hasn’t seen him around. By the time Pragya is talking to Disha, Disha asks Abhi to go from there. She also leaves from there. Pragya wonders about it.

In the function, Purab makes his grandmother dance with all. Pragya is enjoying it. Abhi flashes laser light on her eyes from upstairs. She goes to see who is it. As she keeps interacting with the guests, Abhi keeps on flashing the light on her face. Later he comes downstairs and again flashes the light. He hides himself before she sees him. He keeps on irritating her with the light. Purab asks him to take Pragya aside and talk to her else he will lose the opportunity. Abhi takes Pragya aside.

On the other hand, Tanu calls Nikhil but he doesn’t attend her call as he is angry with her. She keeps on calling him. Nikhil knows that she must be needing his help. Pragya is shocked to see Abhi. Abhi shares his feelings to her. He says that she has come back to his life but she is not accepting it. Pragya gets shocked to hear that.

Kumkum Bhagya 16 January 2019 written update of full episode: Love is in the air for Abhi and Pragya Kumkum Bhagya 16 January 2019 written update of full episode: Love is in the air for Abhi and Pragya Reviewed by ghost on January 16, 2019 Rating: 5
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