Jodha Akbar 10 January 2019 written update of full episode: Jodha in dilemma

Today’s episode starts with Jodha begum discussing with mother in law. Her mother in law gives her example of Humayun to boost her moral. She is confident that Jodha can take the responsibilities of Haram. Jodha gets emotional as she misses her mother but she also gets the similar strength she used to get from her mother. Jodha Begum promises her mother-in-law to fulfill all her expectations. Jalal’s bua informs Ruquiya begum that Jodha has more support from the begums of Haram than her. But Ruquiya is still overconfident as she feels that Jodha would not be able to handle the jurisdiction of Haram like her. But Bua asks her to be careful as Jodha has also decided to take the responsibilities of Haram with the support of most of the begums of Haram.

The small boy tells Jodha begum that his dad was a worrier but he was killed during a war. Jodha feels sad as he is not having his mother with him too. She promises him to send him to his mother once she comes to know about her. By that time a servant informs Jodha begum that Jalal is coming towards her room. Jodha asks Moti to take the boy inside as Jalal is not aware about him. Jalal enters her room. He appreciates her decision as she is ready to handle the responsibilities. He again advices her to think according to the way Ruquiya begum handles Haram. But Jodha begum says that sometimes we need to take decisions listening to our heart. Jalal likes her way of thinking. A servant informs Jalal that Ataga has called him at the main gate. Jalal leaves from there asking her keep up the good work but meet him also when she gets time. Later Jodha goes to see the small boy.

In the next scene, Sharifuddin describes Jodha to Tabassum as she is making her painting. He is very much impressed with Jodha begum. Tabassum is shocked to see the painting after the completion. Sharifuddin wonders about her reaction. By that time Bakshibanu comes there. He asks her to leave from there as he is getting some surprise prepared for her. When they both see the painting, they are shocked. But Sharifuddin is aware as he was thinking about Jodha begum only but pretends that Tabassum has created a wrong impression of the description he gave in front of Bakshbanu. He blames Tabassum for that. Tabassum also feels that she might have mistaken as she has made the painting of Jodha begum a lot many times so she made that only. Sharifuddin is relaxed as he sees that Bakshibanu believes him. She asks Tabassum to make her painting as she has seen how Bakshibanu looks. Tabassum leaves from there later. Sharifuddin does drama of feeling sorry as he couldn’t give Bakshibanu the painting he was supposed to get done. But Tabassum still feels that she is not mistaken as she makes the painting as per the description given. Sharifuddin is awaiting when Jodha begum will be in his arms as he likes her even after being married to Bakshibanu.

In the next scene, Hoshiar expresses his fear of Ruquiya losing her position of the head of Haram. Ruquiya gives him a tight slap. She asks him to leave from there humiliating him. He also says that he was wrong to assist her. This makes a Ruquiya begum alone as her secretary cum servant has also left her who was her support.

Jalal finds death of two important persons at the gate when Ataga asks him to come. Ataga informs him that Sujalam has sentenced them to death. He further informs that Sujamal is cousin brother of Jodha begum. Ruksar and Fatima begum discuss about supporting Jodha. Ruksar takes Jodha begum’s side and defends her in spite rest of the begums have doubt. But at the end, they all agree to choose Jodha begum as the head of Haram’s jurisdiction. On the other side, Hoshiar comes to meet Jodha begum. Jodha wonders about it. Hoshiar falls down on Jodha’s feet. He shares the behaviour of Ruquiya with him. He feels very hurt and requests her to take him under her entity. Jodha begum makes him understand that it is obvious as she is his boss but Hoshiar shares that Ruquiya begum never loved him or respected him for his honesty for her but humiliated him. Jodha begum shares that Ruquiya begum is introvert so whatever she said was in anger but he is the only for her to share her emotions. But Hoshiar doesn’t want to go back to Ruquiya begum. He says that Jodha begum is Rajvanshi so under their patronage, all are protected and cared for. He pleads her to accept him in her patronage else he will have no option but to commit suicide. So Jodha begum agrees to accept him under her patronage till the things are normalized. He thanks her for the same. Still Moti bai feels that Jodha begum should not have taken him under her fraternity but Jodha is emotional as she fears of Hoshiar committing suicide. By that time, Jodha gets message from Jalal as he wants to meet her in the room where the instrument for war are kept. Jodha begum wonders about it. She goes to meet him. She asks him for asking her to meet there. He informs her that many of his brave worriars have been killed including his two cousins. Jodha bgeum feels sad about it. He wants to take the revenge for the murder of his cousins. Jodha begum tries to deprive from that but he has decided to take the revenge. He asks her about the way Rajvanshi fight in the war. He doesn’t tell her initially but later he says that her cousin Sujamal has done the murders by cheating. She is shocked to know that. But still she asks him to punish him. He is relaxed as Jodha is very clear and not biased even though her brother is the person who killed those people. Jodha gets emotional. Jalal asks her to leave later on.

Jodha begum cries a lot to know that her cousin has done cheating with Jalal. She feels very sad about it. She shares the same with Motibai. But Motibai consoles her. But Josha begum feels that it will be difficult to make Jalal understand her point of view. She is in dilemma as on one side there is her husband and on the other it is her brother. She prays to God for the best to happen.

Adham Khan bribes some goons for not stealing or any robbery in his area. He asks his servant to keep eye on the goons. Sharifuddin comes there. Adham teases him as the responsibility of Mewad has been taken from him. So Sharifuddin also fuels him by asking him about transferring his responsibility of Malva to Peer Muhammad. Adham gets angry on him. But Sharifuddin keeps teasing him and later he leaves from there.

All the servants of Jodha begum find Jodha very nervous. Hoshiar tries to cheer her up with the ways he used to do with Ruquiya begum. But all of them laugh as they all know that Jodha begum doesn’t take such alcoholic things like Hukka. By that time some begums come there thanking her to decide taking the responsibilities of Haram. Hoshiar is wondering as such support by all openly was never given to Ruquiya begum. Jalal comes there. So all of them leave from there. Jalal feels sad as Jodha begum is upset on the topic of Sujamal. But Jodha begum understands that he is the emperor so he is performing his duties. He asks her about her plans once she defeats Ruquiya begum in the elections of taking the charge of Haram. He notices that she gets jealous if a lady tries to talk to him or tries to impress him.

In the next scene, worriars are ready for the war against Malwa. Jalal asks Adham to suppor Peer Muhammad for the same. Peer Muhammad assures Jalal of the victory. Maham fuels Adham against Peer Muhammad by asking to prove himself to get back the patronage of Malwa. He also assures her about the same. Later they leave for the war. Jalal enquires with Ataga about Mewad as he also wants to punish Sujamal for his deeds. Maham hears the conversation.

Hoshiar comes to meet Ruquiya as it was all their plan to show that they are not together. Hoshiar informs her that 15 begums and more than 50 servants are supporting Jodha begum but Ruquiya has a plan for that also. She shares the plan. She asks him to execute the plan properly. Mughals decide to kill Sujamal as he seems to be problematic for them.

Next day morning, Jodha worships Lord Krishna. In the morning many of the begums see that the statue of Lord Krishna is kept in their room, they are happy assuming that Jodha begum might have kept it. Maham’s servant Resham informs her that the statue of Lord Krishna have been found in the rooms of the Hindu ladies who have been arrested. Maham is shocked to know that. She wonders about it. Begums in Haram blame Jodha begum for manipulating on the basis of religion. Ruquiya is happy to see that.

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