Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10 January 2019 written update of full episode: Good time for AJ and Guddan starts

Today’s episode starts with Revati trying to tell Guddan that her mother is planning to get her married to Parv but she knows that Guddan hates Parv a lot. While they are discussing, AJ comes there talking over the call. Revati stops talking to Guddan. Guddan asks her not to be afraid of AJ. But AJ asks them to discuss among themselves but Guddan asks him to stay there. Revati is wondering how Guddan trusts AJ now. Guddan says that her opinion has changed for AJ. She informs Revati about the reason for organizing the party. Still Revati doesn’t share the actual fact she wanted to tell to Guddan. She leaves from there. AJ is happy inside to know that his image is good for Guddan. He thanks her. Guddan is happily shocked to hear that. She also apologizes to him for assuming him as the crime partner of Parv. He is happy as he feels that his mother is happy as Guddan has come home. They clear out their misunderstandings. Guddan is happy about it. They keep staring at each other. Guddan decides to make everything fine after finding out the real kidnapper.

In the party, Parv is getting irritated as he have to take Siddhi along with him. He feels that Guddan must have hide the box of masks somewhere. Mother-in-law introduces Guddan to some of the special guests in the party. But Guddan keeps on looking at their eyes which looks weird. Durga notices that. She scolds Guddan for looking at the guests like that as it may ruin the image of Jindal family. Guddan tells her that she will check the eyes after all wear the masks. Parv goes upstairs to look for the box of masks in Guddan’s room. He leaves Siddhi there itself. When he goes in Guddan’s room, he is not aware that AJ is there inside. He keeps looking for the box. He gets the box under the bed and decides to defeat Guddan by hiding that box. But he is not able to take the box away as AJ is still there. On the other side, Siddhi’s wheel chair slips a bit on the stairs. By that time Guddan notices that, she saves Siddhi from falling down. She gets angry as Parv is not around Siddhi to take care of her. She goes to see him. She goes to her room where she finds Parv. Parv gets scared to see her. She questions him to be there. He gives some fake reason. She informs him about the incidence happened with Siddhi. She asks him to take care of his wife. AJ also asks him to go and take care of Siddhi. AJ appreciates Guddan for making Siddhi involve in the party. She takes the box of masks as she is very eager to know the kidnapper. Parv sees her taking the box of masks downstairs. He gets tensed. Mother-in-law informs Guddan about the dance competition she has arranged in the party which can be done with the masks. But mother-in-law takes the box of masks to her room till the time the dance competition takes place. Guddan is tensed about the masks. Parv sees mother-in-law taking the box to her room. He pushes the wheelchair of Siddhi towards her as he can take the box of masks from her. But the mother-in-law advices him to spend more time with Siddhi. But he takes the box to keep it inside. Mother-in-law asks him to come out as she needs to lock the room as Guddan is very eager to know the kidnapper. Parv is confident that he will not let Guddan search for the kidnapper. He comes out looking at the box. Mother-in-law asks him to lock the room. She asks Parv to enjoy dance in the party.

In the party hall, mother-in-law announces the dance competition between girls and boys. AJ is not happy with the same. But she asks him to enjoy the competition. Guddan is also feeling awkward to dance with AJ. But later she agrees for her mother in law.


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10 January 2019 written update of full episode: Good time for AJ and Guddan starts Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10 January 2019 written update of full episode: Good time for AJ and Guddan starts Reviewed by ghost on January 10, 2019 Rating: 5
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